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Editing Consultancy Services

Kaberi Dutta Chatterjee, the Founder, CEO of FinalDraft, is a journalist, author of four books, and an editor par excellence She has over 20 years of editing experience in various renowned organizations in India and Canada and at various platforms including print, digital and publishing. She is now offering English language and editing consultancy to all those who are interested in learning proper English. 

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Advice on Coming to Canada 

Kaberi Dutta Chatterjee is one of the most successful immigrants to have come to Canada and settle down.She now runs her own business and writes her experiences in her blog. You can read all about her immigration battle here: Word Rape Me at Night

Since Kaberi took the hard way to come to Canada and settle down, with very little financial backup, she is now open to giving advice to all those who wish to immigrate to Canada, and extend a helping hand to all those newcomers in Canada, guiding them the right way and hand-holding them with the right information and correct directions. 

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