If you have a story to tell, the world has a right to know...


Intelligent Marketing Plan | $1200

  • Media planning
  • Book reviews in media, online and print
  • Book launch announcements in different media portals, taking into consideration the particular geographical  area or the pockets (read zones) the book will cater to
  • Email campaigns: Sending emails to 50+ exclusive email ids, to authentic author connections, friends and relatives who will really be interested in buying it online and  reading the book.
  • Arranging for the copies of the book to be mailed at different city libraries
  • Inviting journalists personally so that they write about the book and take event pictures
  • Planning Panel discussion on the book, which promotes healthy interaction between intellectually sparked individuals, who, after reading the book, will be invited to take part in the discussion and debate
  • Setting up interviews with newspapers and news channels

Internet Media Marketing | $400

  • Taking the publication to the front page of       FinalDraft  and advertizing the way we do.       FinalDraft has an international  traffic of            an average of 100-150  each  day
  • Creating Facebook page of the book,          extending admin  roles to authors who can        manage their  page themselves. So as to          reach maximum  people
  • Direct Facebookers to the author's other         websites like his blog and websites
  • Facebook paid ads for a month
  • Repeated posts on Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Extensive sharing on other social                        networking sites
  • Driving Facebook traffic to book sites like           Good Reads, where a reader can rate a             book and write reviews
  • This is a fixed, one time payment