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Why choose FinalDraft for your book?

Why would you want to get it published with a price, when there are so many traditional publishers who can do it for free?
  • Because, 'Traditional Publishers' are as elusive as thunderstorms in the Sahara. But if you get hold of one, you've made it in life and need not turn back.
  • Our services are for those who have just stepped on the track of becoming an author, and for those who've already gained some experience in the field.
  • Thirdly, we have an expert editing team. Humans, not machines, who learned editing the hard way.  It's professional work by professionals, so if you've thought your writing went from 'past perfect' to 'past perfect continuous', or don't like the way your sentence is rambling on, it's our job to bring it back to Momma!

What is Editing

"I don't like my work being edited!"

"I don't like my writing going under surgical scanner by a complete stranger who neither knows the feel of my writing, nor the reason, nor the mood. I hate it when someone wants to change a particular word because it is not technically correct. I have put it there DELIBERATELY, DAMMIT!"
  • "My manuscript represents months of work. That's my blood on the page. I feel like I've given birth.… No editor can possibly understand how it feels..."

    "Why does my writing need any editing?" "Why would I pay for editing services?"

    And so on...

  • I, being an author myself, (Neil Must Die) had gone through these similar emotions when I had to let go of my first baby in the hands of an editor. I hated when the editor found blatant, careless mistakes, changed murky sentences or pointed out words that did not convey the right meaning. Even though I despised the editor from the bottom of my heart, I did admit she was good, albeit reluctantly.

  • Being in the receiving and giving ends, wearing both the hats of an author and an editor, I have seen both the sides of the coin.

    I have seen how first-time authors get tossed around by literary agents and publishers alike. So much that they often lose the impetus to approach publishers and some even give up writing altogether. It hits their psychology, as authors are very sensitive people.

    I want to extend my services to all.

    However, before publishing, you would want your book to be flawless, right? And being a writer I know that no matter how many times you read your writing over and over again, there will be that one 'a author' which has gone undetected, or a 'if' instead of an 'is'. You have overlooked it. Or you may have mentioned a person wearing a 'grey jumpsuit' in the first paragraph, which changed to 'black tracksuit' at the end of the chapter.

    These mistakes appear like abrupt stones crunched in your mouth while you are devouring a scrumptious platter, hence, throwing the reader completely off the setting of the novel and making him/her start looking for more mistakes.

    Your credibility is lost forever!

    These tiny details will never cross your eyes no matter how many times you read your manuscript.

    Hence an editor. :)

  • Editors are not sitting here with tongs and scissors to pounce upon your creations and tear them to shreds. They are professionals who are accustomed to interacting with authors in a mutually respectful way. They have to make a living too and they know that a creative person's feelings are hurt most easily.

    You are the author, the rightful owner of the manuscript. We, at Final Draft, are just here to get your baby ready for school. :)

Submissions at FinalDraft has to go through the sieve called editing. (Read an example) (

And that's not all. FinalDraft also takes care of:

In other words, FinalDraft hand-holds authors through book promotions; also by getting book reviews in the media, distribution of books in the right pockets (intellectually understanding the content of the book and identifying the exact people who will benefit from the book. This is done after a meeting with the author). And finally, marketing!

  • So in a way, the moment our job as publisher ends, we take up job as PR personnel for the author. You could have appointed a PR personnel yourself. But it would come with a sumptuous price tag. Moreover, they wouldn't know anything about your book as much as we'd know and understand, and you would have to brief them all over.

We guide you, the author, through every step. That's why.

We'll be glad to be of service.
Kaberi Dutta Chatterjee & the FinalDraft Team